Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fuse?

All Miratron control circuitry is protected with PCT re-settable fuses. This re-settable fuse does not protect against over-current caused by a shorted load.  Most of the power switching in a Miratron receiver is done between the receiver’s supplied voltage and the output therefore there is no ground to short to. 
Miratron products are designed to control specific machines therefore the fuse size is specified by the machine’s designer.    If the designer does not specify a fuse size then Miratron will use a 10 amp fuse to protect against excess current.
Some systems have a three amp learn fuse built into the wiring harness, see learn procedure.

Some receivers do have internal automotive blade fuses to protect against excess current. 
The R1 and R2 have two 10 amp fuses, one for each half of its 32 outputs.
The R3 uses two 25 amp fuses, one for each half of its 14 outputs.
The R5 uses an internal 10 amp fuse.
The R5-24 uses two 10 amp fuses, one for each half of its 24 outputs.
On all other products there is a 10 amp fuse built into the wire harness.


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